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Quickly & Safely Unlock iPhone 3g

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Unlocking your iPhone phone is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. After placing your order, we send your iPhone 3g details to Apple. When Apple receives this information from a licensed unlocking company(such as us), they "white list" your device to accept other compatible networks SIM cards. It's that easy!
All we need in order to unlock your iphone 3g is:
  • Your iPhones IMEI Number listed under Settings > General > About
  • The CURRENT Cellular Network Your Phone Uses
  • Delivery Speed and then Payment. That's it!
Unlock your iPhone 3g Now!
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Why Choose Us To Unlock Your Phone?
100% Money Back Guarantee - If we are unable to unlock your iPhone for any reason, you are given a fully automatic refund with no questions asked. We stand behind our service!
No Jailbreaking Neccessary! - Other companies require you to JAILBREAK your iPhone model first, which voids your warranty. By using UnlockiPhoneVIP.com, there is no jailbreaking and your warranty continues. Also, unlike other services your Apple iPhone model will function normally and not require any other modifications. You can also update your iPhone forever without losing your unlock!
24/7 Customer Support - Our customer service is top notch. If you have any issues, we are there for you!
LOWEST Prices Anywhere - We unlock more iPhones than anyone else, which is why NO ONE can compare to our excellent iPhone model unlocking service!

Unlock Your iPhone 3g Today!

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Why Unlock Your Phone?
No jailbreaking required! No issues with updating iOS firmware unlike other companies.
Unlocked iPhone Phones can use much more affordable cellphone network companies!
NO ROAMING CHARGES! Easily change networks when traveling abroad!
Use multiple SIM cards in your iPhone phone to seperate "Work" and "Personal" contacts!
A iPhone Phone that is unlocked has a higher resale value!
Phone Unlocking will NOT void your warranty and is supported by Apple!